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Shopping centre Kuukkeli, with the surface area of about 3000 m2, is located in the centre of Saariselkä, Inari. The supermarket complex offers several services and products necessary for your need on your holidays.

Open: EVERYDAY from 9am to 9pm.

Address: Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä.

Mobile: +358 44 363 972

Supermarket amenities


Daily household goods

Most area of shopping center Kuukkeli is occupied by the daily household products and food items like vegetables, fresh fruits, milk and meat products, soft-drinks, snacks, sweets and chocolate, cables and connectors, electronic items, stationary, and such.


Outdoor sports and activity goods

There is a section of supermarket has been specially separated for outdoor activities and sport items like hiking shoes, wind cheaters, camping knives, stove gas, headlamps, compass, ski waxes, hand warmers.

Gourmet products of Lapland

Be it either soaked items like reindeer meat, wild berries, lappish bread cheese, cloudberry syrup, wild berries juice, or dried items like smoked reindeer, blueberry powder etc, there are different gourmet product to choose in the supermarket.

Souvenirs, gifts and textiles 

Want something special as a gift or for memory? Come visit souvenirs department located in the basement of the shopping center Kuukkeli. Items in department include decoration, arctic design products, winter garments, sports clothes, textiles, handicrafts, products made from reindeer fur and antlers.


Fast food and takeaway

Not into for meals and hungry for some fast food? The cafe also has pizzas, hamburgers, salads, special coffee and sandwiches to offer. There is a list of pizza and burger meals menu in display and list of pizza toppings in several language. You can eat on the spot or ask for a takeaway.


Home bakery

There is a Kuukkeli bakery in supermarket where bakers make fresh breads, pastries, pies, rolls and buns almost every morning. Come try our famous potato corn bread, smoked reindeer corn bread; or doughnuts like the giant doughnut, the raspberry doughnut, the cloudberry “pig” doughnut, and the ring doughnut. Now and then get surprises with bakers special items.

Restaurant Kuukkeli

Restaurant Kuukkeli is an all-round, moderately priced restaurant-café located at Saariselkä at the shopping center Kuukkeli. The restaurant-café serves lunch, dinner, traditional food of Lapland. You can either eat at cafe or have hot meals packed in handy microboxes, to take away to your place of accommodation.

Spirits and wine shop- ALKO 

Coming from far and wondering if you need to carry own drinks? Don’t worry, the spirit and wine shop (ALKO) located in the supermarket offers wide range or Finnish and international spirits and vast collection of multinational wines. For more information about this, please have a look at our ALKO service page.

Other facilities

WC – Public toilets

There are men and women toilets on the first floor and another one accessible to people with reduced mobility right next to the entrance of supermarket.


Wifi Connection

There is a fast WiFi network is available free of charge throughout the Shopping Centre. You can stay connected to your friends and family and use internet service in your convenience devices.

Cash dispenser – ATM

ATM-service has been taken out of service from 9th of January, 2019

Need cash? You will find a cash machine on the outside wall beside the main entrance of the shopping center Kuukkeli. The dispenser is open 24 hours a day.

Mobile phone and small device charging 

Battery run out? Mobile phones and camera runs out of battery quickly in cold weather.  We have a number of different charging points available for these situations in our cafe. If you didn’t find points yourself, ask our staffs .

Photocopies and prints

You need an urgent print or duplicate of a document, or some other item? At additional charge, our staff at reception for Accommodation Kuukkeli can help you make a print or photocopy for you. Reception is located in the same building and accessible from the door where post-office is located in the supermarket. Please note print and copy depends on availability of our staff.


A post office

Do you need to send letters, packages or post cards to dearest ones during your holiday? On the lefthand side of the main shopping building, there is a separate door to the Saariselkä post office that is open on weekdays (Mondays to Friday) 09:00 to 17:00. Our post office is closed on weekends. You can check more information about our post office from its own page.


Car parking and caravan overnight spaces

There are about 5o parking spaces with in front and backside of Supermarket. Not many people know about parking space behind the shopping centre, which is mostly used by customers in some occasion. Parking is free to use by supermarket customers in daytime at their own risk.


Car heating points and overnight caravan parking.

Bringing your own car or staying overnight in you caravan? There is a limited number of heating space for cars or caravans for overnight parking. Place can be reserved at supermarket with an additional cost paid during reservation.

Mobile prepaid sim-card

Need to get a local number for use of during your stay? There is a possibility to purchase a new sim card with prepaid balance (which can be top-up later if needed) from the supermarket. The card has a balance which can be used to make calls as well as to use internet from your mobile phone.


Computer terminal

Need to check activities, bus timetables, or use internet for finding basic information, but don’t have own computer? There is a desktop computer terminal with internet connection located in the seating area of restaurant kuukkeli. It can be used for free by supermarket customers for a limited number of time.


Taxi service 

Public transport or buses timetable not suitable for your travel plans in Saariselkä? There is a taxi service in the basement of the shopping centre building which is also accessible from the backside door of the shopping centre. Taxi can be reserved on spot or be reserved for later. You can also call or send them email to book a taxi for pickup or drop to airport. More information at Taxi service page.

Bonus and service cards

Shopping center Kuukkeli accepts several member cards like k-plussa card and provide tax-free service:


Shopping center Kuukkeli at Inari, Saariselkä

Open: EVERYDAY from 9am to 9pm.

Address: Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä.

Mobile: +358 44 363 972

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