Accommodation Kuukkeli reception and opening times

Reception for accommodation Kuukkeli.

Reception for all the apartments is located in the Booking Office, which is in the same building as Shopping Centre Kuukkeli. Our guests need to first get keys from our reception before they can go to their accommodation. All accommodations are about 1-10 minute walking distance from reception. After guest get keys, maps and information packet from reception, they can proceed to your accommodation.

NOTE: If your arrival time to Saariselkä is after 21 or late night check-in, please check further.

Reception for Accommodation Kuukkeli:

Accommodation Kuukkeli,
Address: Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä.
Mobile: +358 44 363 972
Opening times: Moday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm.

How to reach Accommodation Kuukkeli reception?

Our reception address is “Saariseläntie 1”, Saariselkä. Either you come flying (either to Ivalo or Rovaniemi) or by bus, you can arrive Saariselkä by road (or snowmobile in winter).

When you come by bus there is a bus stop right next to our reception. More information about airport bus can be found here. When you get to bus from Ivalo airport or long distance( eg., from Rovaniemi), you can say to the bus driver that you want to get off in “Kuukkeli” in Saariselkä, and that should do it. As you can see in a photo above, our reception is almost next to the bus stop. When you get off the bus, you will see huge “Kuukkeli” sign. You can easily find your way to reception from the photo at this page.

When you come by taxi, you also can ask taxi driver that you want to go to “Kuukkeli” in Saariselkä, all taxi drivers know the place or you can give them the above address. When you arrive in Kuukkeli, you can easily find your way to reception from the photo above.

Reception and key-picking points for accommodation Kuukkeli.

Depending on your arrival days and time, you can get your keys from either of three points(all located in same building of the Supermarket Kuukkeli). If you arrive to Saariselkä:

  • Monday-Sunday 9-21 (regular working hours), you can pick your keys to accommodation from our reception in Booking Office. In a photo below, this is marked as 1.
  • Anyday – after 21, you can get keys from a green postbox located near the entrance of restaurant-terrace. In a photo below, this postbox is marked as 2.
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