Post and parcel service at Saariselkä

stay close to your loved ones, send and receive post when in your stay at Saariselkä…

Post office at Kuukkeli

A post office located in Kuukkeli at Saariselkä is one of the customer service points of a Finnish national postal system. This is the only post office located in this area.

Come and visit us:

Post Office Kuukkeli

Saariseläntie 1, 99830, Saariselkä
tel. 016-668741 – fax.016-668680


  • Open Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Post office services

Postal Services

  • Mail-related services such as acceptance of letters, packets, and parcels.
  • Sale of post cards, envelopes, package boxes, postage stamps, packaging products.
  • Provision of post-office boxes for local organisations.
  • Poste Restante (see below)

  • Matkahuolto parcel service (see below)

Matkahuolto parcel service at Kuukkeli

Parcel sent through Matkahuolto to Saarsielkä can be received at the Kuukkeli post office. Packages can be received by customer showing their official ID with a photo. Parcel is dropped and picked once in day every morning by a bus operated by Mathuolto.


  • Open Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Poste Restante

If you are on long holiday and would like to receive your post in Saariselkä, it is possible to use the Post Restante service provided by post service in Finland. With this service you are able to pick up your post when you’re travelling around.

The address poste restante service in Saariselkä can be addressed with following format:

Name of recipient,
Poste restante,
99830, Saariselkä,

Please note that posts received at poste restante address are kept in post office for three full calendar weeks and packages for two full calendar weeks in addition to the arrival week.

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