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"Apartments Sodankylä" and "Kuukkeli Laanila Aurora"

Our first post is about Accommodation Kuukkeli new properties. We have extended our properties little further than Saariselkä this year. We added two properties this year in Laanila and Sodankylä. Laanila is about 4km from Saariselkä and Sodankylä is about 128km from Saariselkä. Both properties are ready for guests, however all the information is not available in English at the moment but it will come soon.

1) Our first new property “Apartments Sodankylä” is in the centre of Sodankylä, which is about 128km far from Saariselkä. More information in Finnish: http://kuukkeli.lappi.fi/99
Its already been receiving guests for more than a month. Booking and further information can be done (in English) directly from this link in Booking.com

2) The second new property is “ApartHotel Kuukkeli Aurora”:
This property is in Laanila is a very nice Lappish wooden cabin that is great to experience Lapland in a peaceful environment. The property has three different log wood cabins for rentals, and plus one Sauna building. These rental cabins have different types of accommodation.  Some are rooms while others are the apartment with own kitchen.

There are four basic rooms with 2 to 3 occupancies. Apartments have own shower/WC, kitchen, and have maximum 4 occupancies. All accommodations have access to a common place which has a fireplace, big kitchen, and living room. It is a social place where people can come together, make fire, read books, eat in the same place, watch tv and such. Then the Sauna building has a separate Men and Women Sauna, with indoor Swimming pool.

Being far from Saariselkä the ski-resort light, a great place to see Northern Lights. No need to go far from your rooms/apartments. On top of that, this is one of the only rentals in Saariselkä area to have Sauna and indoor Swimming place in a beautiful wooden interior for all guests who stay in this property.

Booking and further information for Aparthotel Kuukkeli Aurora can be found (in English) directly from following links:


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  • Fillzen - 11/26/2016

    Good post about this place. I’m currently planning new journey (to France), so this information could be helpful. Cheers.

    kuukkeli_web - 12/03/2016

    We are located in Lapland, Northernmost part of Finland, in a place called Saariselkä. “Finland” is different country and not to be mistaken with “France”.

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