Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. Accommodations

We expertise in mid-range accommodations for different type of travellers.

2. Booking

questions related to booking

Currently we have six different accommodation types located in the centre of Saariselkä:

  • <strong>Apartments Kuukkeli.</strong>
  • <strong>Kuukkeli Teerenpesä Inn.</strong>
  • <strong>Kuukkeli Hirvas cabin.</strong>
  • <strong>Apartments Kuukkeli Tokka.</strong>
  • <strong>Lodge Kuukkeli Porakka.</strong>
  • <strong>Apartment Teerenpesue F46</strong>

All our property have different types of accommodation options with different facilitates. Located in different part of Saariselkä, but all of them are from walking distance from our reception and centre.  While some accommodations are apartments with modern facilities with own Sauna and balcony, while others are basic rooms with shared Sauna and common bathrooms. However most of the buildings are made from log-wood, others are concrete buildings. Price and facilities depends on which apartment you choose. No matter what kind of accommodations you choose, you will be very close to the silent Lappish nature and services in city center.

There are conference rooms available in our Teerenpesä Inn and also big hall in Lodge Porakka, which is also suitable for private occasions and parties.  Please write to us for further details and booking.


Depending on the volume of bookings, some customers may experience a delay in receiving their booking confirmation and check-in information. We will send the information to customers when their booking has been processed. All customers will be contacted later via email if there is some issue. Guests can send us a message if they do not receive booking confirmation email with check-in.

If your booking has not been processed, we’re here to help but it’s worth checking a few things before getting in touch. In busy season time, it will take between 1 and 3 days for your bookings to be processed, we will email to confirm about the progress.

Please have a look at our policy page.

3. Accommodation Facilities

different kind of facilities

4. Reception and Check-in / Check-out

Check-in check-out

All the apartment is equipped with an efficient wireless Internet connection WI-FI that is included in the price. It is also possible to use mobile 4G connection if you prefer.

We do have bed linen and towels service in all our apartment but whether it is available with some costs or you get it for free depends on the time of the year you come and the apartment you are going to stay. For more details, see next question.

The price of the accommodation includes bed linen and towels (a large and a small towel, a duvet cover, a bed sheet, a pillow case) in all the apartments during the month of August-April, extra costs during the summer (May-July) for apartment Kuukkeli and Tokka.

All our apartments  price included   the final cleaning.   The price also includes liquid soap, detergent for dish washing, toilet paper, cleaning equipment and detergents.

If accommodation has kitchen or section with electric stove, minimal cooking utensils are available in kitchen cupboard.

The locations of bus stops of the ski bus and timetable can be found in our links section of our website,   available here

The locations of bus stops of the ski bus and timetable can be found in our links section of our website,   available here

No. All our accommodation is smoke-free, and thus smoking is strictly prohibited inside all our accommodations. You are also advised not to smoke outside at the open front door. There are designated smoking areas outside accommodation.

We only provide ski-rent service to customers who are staying in Teerenpesä Inn. There is a good selection of skiing equipment in Teerenpesä at the price of 10e/person/day and 50e/person/week.

If any of the objects of the apartment get broken or damaged intentionally during you stay, please report the damage immediately and be prepared to compensate for the damage when you are returning the keys, at the latest. Also see next question.

It is important that damaged or broken things are reported immediately so that we can react to that as soon as possible and things get fixed. So please report any problem to us as soon as you find about it.

Our all apartments are equipped with fire alarms, a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher.

It depends on the problem. If something that is related to apartments or broken stuff you can call us. In case of fire, ambulance or emergency service, you can call directly to the national emergency phone number 112 .

  • For apartment Kuukkeli, Hirvas, Tokka, and Teerenpesue check-in time is between 16-21 and check out time is 13.
  • For apartment Teerenpesä, check-in time is 15-21 and check-out time is 12.

NOTE: Reception opening times is Mon-Fri 9-17. If you arrive to Saariselkä other times or weekend, please have a look at another question below on how to get your keys to accommodation.

It depends! You can check-in before the check-in time if the apartment is free and cleaning has already been done. We can only tell you about this possibility only one day before arrival date. Please ask us about this request.

If you have a booking for same day, you would either like to go around in Saariselkä or have some other activities before check-in time, you maybe dont want to carry your luggage around. Unfortunately we dont have any locker system but it is possible to leave your luggage in our reception. We believe it is safe to keep luggage with us but please dont keep your valuable items laying around, and we cannot be responsible for lost items. It is better if you let us know about luggage so that we can arrange space for you.

We will guide you on that in this following link:

We will guide you on that in this following link:

No problem, let us know about it, and see the question above.

5. Payment and charges

Payment information

6. Meals and breakfast

question related to breakfast and meals options.

We accept all major credit cards and allow bank transfer as a form of payment. We also accept cash payment depending on situation. Card or cash is both accepted during the on-spot booking.

  • master card
  • visa
  • bank
  • cash

We charge 30% of whole booking cost during the time of reservation. This is to confirm guests reservation, and is not refundable. The remaining 70% of costs will be charged one month before the check-in date. For more details on this, please have look at our terms and policy page.

We do not have any hidden charge that is not mentioned, so you will only pay the amount that you will see during the booking. There is no booking charges, internet and cleanings are included in price, you can order breakfast from us, do your shopping as per your wish etc. Unless you don’t break anything, there is no other charge.

Yes, we do provide breakfast to our guests. Our Cafe/Restaurant Kuukkeli provides different lunch options including self-served breakfast. All the guests staying at our accommodations have an option to book breakfast in advance. Breakfast is served daily at the restaurant Kuukkeli at 8-10:30. The price of the breakfast is 10€/person/day, which can be purchased in advance while booking accommodation or at the reception during check-in.

We provide breakfast to our guest at Cafe/Restaurant Kuukkeli, located in the same building as our reception and Shopping centre Kuukkeli. Address is Saariseläntie 1. In photo below you can find entrance to the cafe.

entrance for breakfast

entrance for breakfast

Our Restaurant Kuukkeli offers regular lunch, fresh bakery, burgers, pizzas, as well as special Lappish dish to choose from. You can find more information about bakery and cafe Kuukkeli here.

5. Other services

questions about other services

Yes, ski-track maps and summer hiking maps are on sale at Supermarket Kuukkeli, on the rack next to the cash registers.

There are several options for you to do shopping in Saariselkä. Our Supermarket Kuukkeli includes most of the necessary things under one roof, like food, drinks, fresh vegetables, small drug store, souvenirs, cafe, and other lappish products.

Shoppping center Kuukkeli and restaurant Kuukkeli is located in same building as reception and post office at Saariseläntie 1. We are open 9-21 everyday, even on holidays.

Alko, the name of official alcohol-products seller in Finland is located in the same building (address: Saariseläntie 1) as our supermarket. You can find about Alko service in Kuukkeli here. Alko have different opening times in different location of Finland depending on time of the year. You can check the Alko opening times in Saariselkä from their website here.

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