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Welcome to congratulate the 100 years of Finland at Saariselkä Kuukkeli

Starting from Utsjoki in north, stand for congratulation to Finland goes around the country from North to South. The 100-year-old Finland deserves a world-wide congratulations, which is open to all Finns, expatiate Finns and friends of Finland. You have possibility to leave your congratulation to Finland with your name to the historic congratulations letter. The

Teerenpesä Winter

Kuukkeli new properties

Our first post is about Accommodation Kuukkeli new properties. We have extended our properties little further than Saariselkä this year. We added two properties this year in Laanila and Sodankylä. Laanila is about 4km from Saariselkä and Sodankylä is about 128km from Saariselkä. Both properties are ready for guests, however all the information is not available in