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Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli

Suomeksi: Holiday accommodation, Supermarket, Cafe/Restaurant. Accommodation Kuukkeli consist of 52 accommodations (apartments and rooms) in Saariselkä. All the accommodation units are located in the very centre of Saariselkä, close to all services. All accommodations are equipped with an efficient wireless Internet connection WI-FI. Supermarket Kuukkeli is the only shopping center located in center of Saariselkä. Restaurant/Cafe Kuukkeli is located in the same building as shopping center. Look at our website for more information about our Accommodations, Shopping center, Restaurant Kuukkeli, Souvenir shop and other services we provide.
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli13/10/2017 @ 22:27
First snow arrived to Saariselkä as well 😊
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli04/10/2017 @ 8:03
Good morning!
From last couple of weeks, its been a very foggy days in Saariselkä area.
#Saariselkä #morning #fog #chilly
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli28/09/2017 @ 8:12
A really foggy autumn morning.....
#Saariselkä #fog #autumn #maaruska
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli was live.19/09/2017 @ 15:50
Eero Magga
Inari Saariselkä Kuukkeli