Accommodation Kuukkeli

Holidays are memorable and we all need a comfortable but affordable place to stay for our travel. Accommodations Kuukkeli offer several accommodation options with different facility and price range in the area of Saariselkä, Laanila, Vuotso, and Sodankyla.

Log House Kuukkeli Teerenpesä

10 log-wood rooms, own bathroom/WC, private Sauna-turn.

Saariselkä Kuukkeli Inn

7 rooms, common living space with kitchen, shared bathrooms/WC, Mens and womens Sauna turn.

Lodge Kuukkeli Porakka

5 Quadruple (4-persons) rooms, and 1 Twin-room; common living space with kitchen, shared bathroom/wc, Mens and womens own Sauna.

Twin-room at Apartments Kuukkeli Hirvas

1 economical twin-room on the second floor of the Apartments Kuukkeli Hirvas, shared bathroom/WC, own Sauna-turn.

Kuukkeli Teerenpesä Suite

1 log-wood infrastructure suite, own kitchen, own bathroom/WC which has a  Jacuzzi, own Sauna-turn everyday.

Kuukkeli Hirvas Suite

1 log-wood infrastructure suite, own kitchen, own bathroom/WC, own Sauna in the apartment.

Apartments Kuukkeli

10 apartments with own kitchen ja bathroom/WC: 8apartment with own Sauna, & 2apartments with own Sauna-turns.

Apartments Teerenpesue

1 apartment (F46) with own Sauna, kitchen, and bathroom/WC.

ApartmentsKuukkeli Tokka

6 aparmtnets with own kitchen, own bathroom/WC and own/private Sauna-turns.

Porotokka apartment, Own Sauna-turn

1 apartment(Porotokka) in the second flolor of the Apartments Kuukkeli Hirvas, own kitchen, own bathroom/WC ja own Sauna-turns.

Chalet Kuukkeli AuroraCabins

1 log-wood infrastructure own-cabin, Two-bedroom, own  Sauna(plus lake-side-Sauna), bathroom/WC.

Laanila is a beautiful area located 4km South from the center of Saariselkä.

Aparthotel Kuukkeli Aurora

Total 14 accommodations (4 X rooms and 10 X apartments) located in three traditional log-house cabins. Each apartments has own own mini-kitchen and bathroom/WC.  Rooms can use a common kitchen and shared bathroom/WC available in each cabin. There is a living space with fireplace. Two (Mens and Womens) Saunas are located in a different building with swimming pool.

Apartments Vuotso

4 different sized apartments suitable for 2-6 persons, own kitchen, bathroom/WC, and own Sauna.

Apartments Sodankyla

6 different sized apartments located in the center of Sodankylä, located close to different facilities. Room has shared bathroom/WC, apartments suitable for 2-8persons.
Apartments Kuukkeli

Situated in a semi-detached house close to Shopping Centre Kuukkeli, Apartment Kuukkeli consists of 10 different apartments in the center of Saariselkä. Each apartments are suitable for 1 to 6 persons.

Cottage Kuukkeli Hirvas

Cottage Kuukkeli Hirvas is a two storeyed cottage built with an old-pine wooden logs. Cottage has three different types of accommodation. On ground floor, there is a two-bedroom luxurous apartment with own Sauna and spacious living room/hall. On first floor, there are two accommodations; a small room with shared sauna and bathroom, and three bedroom apartment with own kitchen, bathroom and shared Sauna.

Log house Kuukkeli Teerenpesä

Log house Kuukkeli Teerenpesä is a 10 cosy rooms, with a touch of Lapland, in the log building, made of old pine of Lapland: 6 spacious twin rooms, 2 smaller twin rooms and 2 smaller double rooms. The building material is old pine of Lapland and the inn is surrounded by all local services.

Apartments Kuukkeli Tokka

The holiday apartments Kuukkeli Tokka consist of 6 apartments, each with a combined kitchen living room, a bedroom, kitchen section, a bathroom/WC equipped with a shower cabinet. Each apartment can accommodate 1-4 adults and can use Sauna in their own turns.

Kuukkeli Porakka Rooms

Porakka is built with a snag-timber log from old trees, with beautiful surrounding. It has 7 cosy rooms, each can accommodation 1 to 8 people. There is a shared Sauna, refurbished toilets, shower facilities, drying room, and a utility room.

Apartment Teerenpesue

Teerenpesue is an apartment in a lovely blue-grey-white wooden row house for 1-6 persons located right at centre of Saariselkä. This traditional looking apartment with modern facilities has amenities into two storeys. The apartments have two bedroom, high ceiling living-room, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and sauna.

Aparthotel Kuukkeli Aurora

Located 4km from center of Saariselkä, Aparthotel Kuukkeli Aurora has 10 apartments and 4 guest-rooms. Common area has living space with fireplace and TV room. Sauna building has two Sauna for men and women separately, and an indoor-swimming pool that can be used every evening.

Reception for Accommodation Kuukkeli:

Accommodation Kuukkeli,
Address: Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä.
Mobile: +358 44 363 972
Opening times: Moday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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